List of Combos


You can use Adagio’s B in combination with San Feng’s Empowered A to apply 5 stacks at once on a target for an enormous explosive damage!
San Feng Empowered A counts as 5 basic attacks, so in 1 hit you’ll apply 5 stacks.

You can use Lyra’s C to teleport Adagio while he is channelling his C, to hit any enemy outside of range.


You can use Idris C in combination with Yates C to leap alongside him anywhere in the map. Yates can potentially jump right in the middle of a group of enemies with his stun on B skill, and Idris can jump off to deal damage to all enemies.
You can perform similar combos with other heroes.

You can use your A skill to dash toward an enemy, use your C to deal damage, and then knock your enemy and instantly click B to burst your target with all your 3 skills!
You need to be very fast to hit B, otherwise the enemy may go out of range due to the knock before you can activate it (if there is no wall in said direction).
Here is a video showing it:


Once you overdrive A, the cooldown will be reset upon casting C. As both A and C gives you and your target an holy shield (which grants damage reduction), you can use A, C then A again for 9 seconds of damage reduction to you and your target (note that A only grants a directional holy shield).


Combo and tutorial from ShinKaigan Lance’s combo and tutorial


You can use Lyra’s C to teleport Adagio or San Feng into the enemy team during their C channelling period to unexpectedly stun all enemies!
Be sure to have applied Arcane’s Fire with Adagio if you want to get the stun.

San Feng

While empowered, his A will count as 5 basic attacks for effects that triggers on basic attack. By example, you can apply 5 stacks of bonesaw, or use 5 stacks of Adagio’s B, through 1 San Feng empowered A.

You can use Lyra’s C to teleport San Feng while he is channelling his C, to hit any enemy outside of range.


At the start of the game go to the dragon’s pit open to you (it’s on the river with your jungle side CP orb) and place a cam in the enemy jungle (around the area of the enemy WP orb and Healing Treant). Low elo players will come to clean it. While they do so, you can use your A to capture them over the wall. Then you and your team can easily kill them.

You can use Yates C in combination with Idris C to leap with him wherever you like

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