Patch 4.14 4th Balancing Discussion with Nivmett

As many of you may have heard by now, preparations are being done to release a new Vainglory patch! This will be the first meta changing update in almost 3 years (last update was in March 2020, patch 4.13)

We have done 3 balance discussions up to this point on Discord, but if you missed them do not worry, here is where we are at (this is the official doc and gets updated after each meeting, so check it out later to know the latest changes the community agreed upon):
We are not done yet, we still need to discuss many heroes and revist the patch notes one more time before it’s finalized.
Also do not worry about anything, this won’t be the last patch. Unfortunately we are unable to test the patch before releasing it live, but if anything is broken we’ll just make a new one later on!

Also to be clear. EVERYONES feedback and thoughts are welcome! @Everlasting Night This is a community patch. This is also not the last patch. If something pops up that’s broken we will fix it. Focus on creating an exciting fun meta for now. Remember we can only do number changes.vgthumbsup

Nivmett on Everlasting Night discord

The next balancing discussion for patch 4.14 with Nivmett is today, 2022/12/28 at 11:00 PST
This link will tell you the time in your timezone

Invite link to the Discord server here:

Click this link and it will tell you the hour in your time zone. Note that we may start 30 minutes earlier/later, whenever Nivmett is free and enough people have gathered. In the meantime, feel free to post your tier list in #4.13 5V5 Tier List Nivmett!
When the discussion starts, we will be in the Discord channel called “stage channel”.

See you all in a few hours!

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