4.13 More tier lists from former 10 silver and gold players

As we’re working on the balance changes for the next Vainglory patch (more info at https://www.everlastingnight.org/1048/patch-4-14-4th-balancing-discussion-with-nivmett/), many former 10 silver and gold players have also published their tier lists for the current patch to give a good idea of what should be nerfed and buffed.
Since it will still take a while for the next patch to be released, I thought some may still be interested in seeing tier lists for 4.13 (the current patch), so here you go:


cJOK 10 Silver EU

Crucial 10 Gold, NA

EloDaddyAleph 10 Gold EU, new tier list

Emoxen 10 Silver EU and Josch 10 Gold EU

Hlebushek 10 Gold EU

KIVA 10 Silver, new tier list

Leav 10 Silver NA

LelouchVIB 10 Gold NA

The End 10 Gold EU, SoloQ tier list

The End 10 Gold EU, for team tier list

You can find tier lists from other players at this link: https://www.everlastingnight.org/37/patch-4-13-5v5-meta-overview-and-tier-list/
It also contains our own (Everlasting Night staff) which provides an explanation regarding the general meta alongside the tier for each hero, give it a read if you’re interested!


Croca 10 Gold EU

Unfortunately this is the only 3V3 tier list that was sent. I’ll ask players to write more tier lists in the future, if I receive more I’ll publish them in a new post! Anyway, here is a discussion between him and Ecthalion (10 Gold EU) regarding the meta if you’d like https://discord.com/channels/238092587146149891/1044905909580742656/1047562390381801544

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