Buff Damage Explained

We of Everlasting Night are NOT the author of this guide. It’s a guide made years ago on google docs and going to be deleted soon, so I made a copy of it.
Once I find the original author I’ll give him credits. Please contact me at Nekreirypt#0890 on discord if you know the author!

Buff Damage


Certain damage applications are flagged as buff damage. All buff damage flagged damage applications share certain parameters. Most DoT effects are flagged as buff damage to prevent abusably easy stacking of BM or easily breaking invisibility.

 Characteristics of Buff Damage:

  • Does not activate Kestrel’s Active Camo cooldown when applying damage
  • Does not deactivate Gwen’s Skedaddle Passive
  • Does not knock invisible enemies out of their invisibility
  • Does not stack Broken Myth’s passive
  • Does not wake sleeping targets

 List of Buff Damage Abilities: 

HeroBuff Damage
AdagioGift of Fire DoT
CatherineStormguard Area DoT
CatherineStormguard Reflections
FlickerBinding Light DoT
FlickerFairy Dust DoT
Fortress Law of the Claw DoT
Fortress Law of the Claw Burst
ReimFrostguard DoT
RingoHellfire Brew DoT
SamuelDrifting Dark DoT
SkaarfFan the Flames DoT
TakaX-Retsu DoT

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