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Published on 2020/3/22

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Apro8 from reddit
If you don’t put a point into one of your abilities at level 5 (3-1-0 or 1-3-0), you can save it and at level 6 you can put it onto your ult and the ability with three points (4-1-1 or 1-4-1 instead of 3-2-1 or 2-3-1). It can help you get a slight advatage since you usually get a tier 3 item and have a powerspike by then.

captainjoy2010 from reddit
Most crucial tip that ik and will help all beginner players of all levels is that you must last hit minions in lane. How? SEMC has done a wonderful job where the orange health bar becomes DARKER when you can land a basic attack and secure the last hit. The bar becomes more dark much earlier if you have a wp hero as they do more basic attack dmg. But useful for all heroes. Crucial in lane and for your captain to not be broke. Ggs.

Monarch from discord

“If you are on a utility hero, make sure that only your carry is in range of turret while it is destroyed to ensure that they receive the maximum amount of gold and xp from it.”

There were many others that came close, a few below:

During late game, when enemy team is missing and you don’t have vision control over map, just try to look for subtle hints near camps to find enemies. “Subtle hints” are that if enemy uses an ability it leaves a visual clue. For example, celeste’s A and B, vox’s Resonance, krul’s B, Taka’s A, Ardan’s A, and so on. This will get you a decent idea of enemy position. The inverse of this tip would be to avoid using any ability in jungle during late game because if I am the enemy, I shall hunt you down.

Make good use use of the social pings to keep moral up. For example thumbs for good plays by teammates, beers for objective takes/saves. This can also really help rally the team when losing. However, avoid social ping of support when your teammate dies as it can come across as being sarcastic. Instead celebrate the enemy mega kill streak Taka being shut down by a minion

An Important tip when ranking up and improving skill is that your overall skill(your creep score/csing, game sense, positioning, understanding powerspikes, lane trading, etc.) is way more important than the hero you are playing. Even though the hero does matter in the highest tiers, if your skill is significantly better than your opponent then you will have an easier time winning your lane and playing against counters.

All tips shared during this giveaway have been added to the page:
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