Giveaway 2020/03/11 – Share your Vainglory tips to win a skin!

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Published on 2020/3/11

How to participate,
Share your Vainglory tips and advices on this forum, discord, reddit, or twitter! Our staff will then vote on their favorite tip. The top 3 entries will win a skin. Don’t forget to write your in-game username and region!

The voters will be composed of staff from Everlasting Night 1 and outside players. This is to ensure the contest is fair to non members.

Tips can be a short sentence or a few paragraphs long.

All tips will then be added to the page

You can write as many tips as you wish, but each one will be voted on separately (as in, if you write 2 and both receive a vote, that’s 1 vote to each tip, not 2 for the author)

Start-End Date
03/11/2020 – 03/18/2020
Winners will be announced 03/21/2020

Where can I post my tips and advices?
In our discord server (channel #giveaway)
Twitter: use hashtag #ENgiveaway

3 winners
List of skins to choose from (only 1 per person):
Heartless Alpha (E)
Soaring Heart Ishtar (SE)
Love Bites Blackfeather (SE)
Teddy Bear Joule (L)
Dear Diary Lyra (L)
Tea Party Petal (L)
Fly or Die Baron (L)
Ride or Die Skye (L)


Nekreirypt – NA

Take skills that can hit across the map in consideration when you trade.

Don’t forget skills such as Baron, Celeste or Kestrel C. If you trade with an enemy and get low in HP, even though you know you can survive to the enemy in front of you, enemies in other lanes might be watching, ready to kill you with their map-wide range skills. If those skills are in your team, try to set-up an unexpected kill with your teammates. This is a lot easier if you have voice chat!

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