Patch 4.13 Shin’s Details

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Published on 2020/3/18

Shin’s C went through a few changes this patch. First, the numbers of hits of the non-empowered version have been reduced to 3 (from 5), and the non-empowered base damage per hit got increased. At level 3, the total base damage is higher than previous patch.

In Vainglory 4.12, non-empowered C was 5 hits, each one of 125/150/175+100% CP, for a total of 625/750/875+500% CP total .

In 4.13, non-empowered C consists of 3 hits, each one of 200/250/300+ 100% CP rate, in total his C deals 600/750/900+300% CP rate.
Due to the higher CP rate, the non-empowered C can out damage the empowered one once you have enough crystal power.
Considering the total damage (all 3 hits) the non-empowered C will out damage the empowered one when you have 168/167/165 crystal power (C level 1-3).
In the previous patch, you needed 73/79/86 CP to out damage the empowered version.


Let’s say you have level 3 C and 260 crystal power

Non-empowered C
Base damage+ 100% CP per hit 300+260=560
560*3 (all three hits)=1680

Empowered C:
Base damage+120% CP 1200+312=1512

In the previous patch, the difference would’ve been much bigger:

Non-empowered C
Base damage+ 100% CP per hit 175+260=435
435*5 (all five hits)=2175

Empowered C:

Non-empowered C does 495 less damage with 2 shatterglass compared to the previous patch!

You can see it in the video below:

Play the video at 0.5 speed if you want to see the damage done.

Since Vox has 100 defense and Shin has built only 2 shatterglass (no armor pierce), the damage you’ll see is exactly half what we calculated earlier.
Damage per hit: 280*2=560*3 (total damage from 3 hits)= 1680

Shin’s C will definitely still hit hard, but the difference in damage is clearly noticeable!

As usual we added this to our hidden stats page

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