How Important Is A Level?

Many players don’t seem to understand how important a level advantage is, and usually they only care about gold difference.


Levels lets you upgrade your skills, or even unlock new ones. This gives you a massive advantage, as your skill will gain a lot of damage or other powerful effects at each level. Unlocking a new ability before your opponent grants you a massive advantage, as it greatly increases your options during a fight, usually grants you more damage and so on. If you unlock level 6 before your opponent you will have your C (your ultimate), while he still only his A and B skills.

At level 8 and 11, you can overdrive your skills. Overdrive means you upgrade A or B to the max level, 5. Usually, abilities have extra effects or massive boost to their stats on overdrive. For some heroes, overdrive certain skills is essentially to reach their powerspike.
Note that you only have 12 ability points (1 per level), but skills have 13 levels. In other words, at level 12 you will have to make a choice: overdrive your second skill or put the last point in your C (level 3 for your C, or level 5 for your second ability).
Max C is not considered an overdrive, but depending on the hero, it might be worth to use your last ability point into this instead of overdrive a second ability.

Some examples:

Krul’s B overdrive greatly increases his lifesteal, damage, healing and reduces the ability’s cooldown.
On overdrive, Kinetic’s B gives her a stun!
San Feng’s A overdrive makes him ignore all negative status effects for 2 seconds

Most Important LevelsReason
2At this level, you can unlock a new skill
6At this level, you can unlock your ultimate
8At this level, you can overdrive a skill
11At this level, you can overdrive a second skill

Note: the game does not allow you to spend all your ability points into a single skill.
From level 2 to 3, you will only be able to spend 2 ability points on a single skill.
From level 4 to 5, you will be able to use 3 ability points on the same skill.
At level 6, you will be able to use 4 ability points on the same skill.
At level 8, you will finally be able to spend 5 ability points on the same skill, reaching the max level (overdrive).
Potentially, at level 6, you could get one of your skills to level 4. However, at level 6 it is also offered you the option to unlock your C (ultimate), and that’s what you will do almost always.
So, what if you wanted to unlock your C AND upgrade a skill to level 4 when your hero reaches level 6?
At level 5, you must not spend your newly acquired ability point. Just keep it.
At level 6, you will get another ability point. This mean now you have 2 ability points! Use one for your C (ultimate) and one to upgrade A or B to level 4.
This is called “level skip”

Let’s do a practical example.
Krul has very high damage on his B skill, and a barrier on his A skill.
At level 5, you might plan to keep the point, and wait for level 6 to use it on B. This way you can quickly burst down a target.
At level 6, you unlock your C and put your 4th ability point in B, this way you can use your C to stun a target, and then quickly kill him with the high damage of your B, which is now level 4.
If you don’t keep your ability point at 5, when you unlock your C you will have Krul’s B at level 3, it will do less damage and your gank might fail. This is important, because you get to do this play at level 6 instead of 7 (if you spend your ablity point on A at level 5, then you will have to wait level 7 to upgrade B to 4).
Note that this is just an example and not what you should always do. You might need a bigger barrier from A at level 5 instead of wait level 6 and put a 4th point in B. Remember that, by doing level skip, you’re playing with 1 less ability point than your opponents (if they are on your same level) until you unlock level 6, this might put you at disadvantage during level 5 fights.

ps: if you upgrade a skill as you cast it, you will get the effects and damage of the levelled up skill, but you will only pay the mana of the lower level version.
More info in our previous article:

Hero Stats Per Level Worth In Gold

Each hero gains a certain amount of Health, Weapon Power, Mana, Armor, Shield and so on. How much would a level’s raw stats be worth in gold?

We can figure this out thanks to the shop.
By example, a Weapon Blade gives 10 Weapon Power and cost 300 gold. So we can say that 1 Weapon Power is worth 30 gold.
If an hero gains 6.73 Weapon Power per level, that’s the equivalent of 201.9 gold per level.

You can not use this to determinate the heroes with the highest late game scaling, since this does not account for the hero’s power spikes, which depends from skills, items and many other things.
However, it can provide a better perspective on the value of a level.

If we exclude health regen, mana and mana regen, Skaarf gains at each level:
268 gold worth of HP (134)
201.9 gold worth of WP (6.73)
60 gold worth of Attack Speed (2%)
54.6 gold worth of Armor (4.55)
38.16 gold worth of Shield (3.18)

Total: 622.66 gold in base stats per level.

You can find this stat for all heroes in the Vainglory Base Stats Spreadsheet at this page:
Of course, due to Skaarf gameplay focused on poking with A, you might not get much use out of the base Weapon Power or ATK Speed, differently from, say, a Ringo. Take this into account while looking at the spreadsheet. And never forget that heroes also have skills and items.

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