Ozo’s C can switch target after activation

If you active your C, then as Ozo is travelling toward his target (not right during the skill activation, wait for Ozo to be travelling it won’t work) click on a new target as if you were to basic attack it, be it a new hero, or even a minion or jungle creatures (Ozo’s C can’t target minions or jungle creatures by default, it can only do so through this bug), Ozo will switch to that target.

Of course, you won’t be able to flip or stun dragons, but you’ll still do the damage.

As you can see, I first used my C on the enemy, then I switched target to the Crystal Treant.
You can do the same to dragons, lane minions or even switch to other enemy heroes.
This is useful in many situations. You can target someone to waste their reflex block, and then target someone else, to get stun off.
Or you might use it to save yourself from dangerous situations. Let’s say you used your C on a target, but, right at that moment, the entire enemy team shows up, ready to kill you the second you get any closer! You could switch target to a minion and avoid dying.

A thank you to NaIu for warning us about Ozo’s ultimate possibly being bugged!

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