San Feng’s Empowered A interactions


Once empowered, San Feng’s A will count as 5 basic attacks instead of 1. This leads to some interesting interactions with Adagio’s B, Bonesaw and other things.


You can use San Feng’s Empowered A effect in multiple ways, by example, you can use it to apply 5 stacks of Bonesaw on your target.
Or you can instantly kill someone, by exploding on him the power of 5 stacks of Adagio’s B in just 1 Empowered San Feng’s A! And you can even use it to quickly remove 5 HP from a cam.
This saves you time, as you won’t need to do 5 basic attacks.

Note that San Feng’s Empowered A won’t do the damage of 5 basic attacks.
If you’re thinking to build full crit San Feng and throw 5 basics at a squishy carry with A… it’s not going to work. This because you will only get the damage of a single basic attack + A (base damage, CP if you have any).

Here is a video showing these interactions:

As usual, we added this interaction to our hidden stats page:
Credits to DozyNap for the discovery!

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    […] A/QWhile empowered, his A will count as 5 basic attacks for effects that triggers on basic attack. By example, you can apply 5 stacks of bonesaw, or use 5 stacks of Adagio’s B, through 1 San Feng empowered A. You can also remove 5 health point from a cam. However, the damage done will be the same of ONE basic attack. If you play weapon power San Feng you won’t be able to explode a squishy with 5 basics at once by example. […]

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