4.11 Dodge Penalty Bug

This post was initially published in our previous website everlastingnight.net on 2020/1/17

During the first day of the new patch, 4.11, if you dodged a match you might have seen the message “You dodged a match by leaving before locking in a hero and have been penalized -25 Rank Points.”
However, we noticed that this penalty wasn’t being applied, no elo lost.

The implementation of a dodge penalty wasn’t stated anywhere in the patch notes.

As of today, 2020/01/17, that message disappeared, and got replaced with the usual “You dodged a match. Dodging matches will put you in Low Priority Queue.” which was also present in previous patches.
We tested this on android, iOS and pc version.

The message is now removed. It might just have been a bug.
There is no dodge penalty in 4.11.

Anyway, whether there is a penalty or not, please do not dodge matches. It wastes everyone’s time. Everyone is free to pick whatever hero they want, and if it’s “bad”: they’ll lose and learn, or go down in ranks (thus, you won’t meet them)
And if it actually works well enough to win then why do you even care. After all, if they achieved your same tier, it means they are doing something right, whatever hero they play.

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