Patch 1B 5V5 Bot Lane Kensei WP Coaching Session by Emoxen

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Published on 2021/2/17

Coach: Emoxen Tier 10 Silver
Type: Match Analysis

Ah well first of all, I’m sure some people may disagree with me on this but if I’m playing against someone like skaarf (which is rare lol because they’d be top lane), I’d avoid attacking minion wave at all unless necessary because skaarf can zone you off a wave with fire + goop.
It looks to me like because of the fact you tried to clear your wave as fast as you can, and basic attacked them so much, you lost a lot of minions because they died before you could reach them (without first avoiding, or taking a spitfire directly to the face). I would try to freeze the wave somewhere in the middle of your lane (if you have it pushed right up to your tower he can poke you whenever you go to cs) and if you have it pushed too far (he has relatively fast clear speed) you won’t be able to trade and are vulnerable to ganks.
Also as far as predictions go, just work on your positioning a bit more, because it should be fairly easy to avoid skaarf poke when he’s firing from a large range.
When you’re engaging to trade, especially against someone with a projectile, I find it’s often better to rely only on A and B rather than trying to fit basic attacks in there – what I do is gap close, use all charges of my A consecutively, then use my b to disengage as soon as the last of my A is used.
Oh and csing under tower, only attack when it’s necessary otherwise you’ll end up losing quite a few. What you can always do at match start too is to only take the smaller of the two minions for slight xp gain (which is essentially why anyone does it anyway) and save the heal for when it’s necessary.

At about 5:15, you were waiting in bush relatively close to skaarf, you should’ve been able to gap close with only one charge of A if you waited a few more seconds, when you saw the skaarf about to use ult, I would’ve used B (watch the direction) and then immediately disengaged with boots and your empowered A you’d trade his ult for a few secs of cooldown and likely wouldn’t have died. Also never run in a straight line xd
Most of this stuff is just wave management and how to play the early lane phase – I’m sure you’ll learn that with time so enough rambling, if there’s anything you wanna know in particular when it comes to early game just ask me directly.

I suppose The overall takeaway from what I’ve seen is:

  • improve farming
  • positioning
  • learning when you should and shouldn’t engage on trades

Damn 11:32 was clean.
You should try rotating more on Kensei, he’s probably one of the best heroes for rotating between lanes.
Oh and I think getting breaking point before bonesaw probably better, gives more of a chance to stack up. Also into their comp an early reflex block is incredibly important!

Just a general tip, you might find that preparing your empowered ult before a teamfight (so you don’t have that awkward moment when you use B and end up being too far back to engage) will allow a pretty crazy engage, hard to block when you’re in enemy fog of war because less predictable.
You can B a jungle minion or any other thing, use boots and ult over or across a wall into a teamfight 20:09 would’ve been perfect for it if you abused the fact you were already taking blue, once koshka and ardan walk up on you, that’s a free 2 or 3 man stun. It’s likely warhawk would’ve been caught too.

Also learning how to be good with stutter stepping (basically animation cancelling) is always a good skill.

Kensei is generally very good at trading early because you can time your perk to come into play whenever they’re taking a skillshot at you, but that needs you to pay more attention to when and how you choose to trade

I think you need to be careful with your aim and direction when casting abilities, such as with that mistake at around 5:17 when you used B in the opposite direction to intended and ended up tanking a tower shot too – also remember in most situations you will have time to think through your ults and watch their movement and positioning beforehand to predict which direction to ult

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