Change region post maintenance

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Published on 2021/3/13


If you tried to change server since the maintenance yesterday, you may have noticed something is off.

Usually, to change region you reinstall Vainglory, and before opening it for the first time you turn on a VPN. Then, you disconnect from the VPN to reduce lag, since Vainglory decides your region only on the first opening of the app.
There are also other (faster) methods, such as changing player.2.dat file, or using the login feature of older Vainglory clients (more details about all previous methods to change region here: ).
However, no matter which you use, none of these methods will work currently.


Without going into technical details (which you can read in the screenshot below), currently to play in another region you must have the VPN on even during matches. On the bright side, you do not need to reinstall Vainglory every time you want to change region. Just turn on the VPN, open Vainglory and your region will automatically change. So long as you don’t turn the VPN off, you will stay in that region.

Loquori is currently looking into different options to make players change region (source in the screenshot below).

Jute a note though: he did not say this will be done soon.


There were problems with EU and EA servers, if you noticed lag in the past weeks, things should work better now.

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