How To Use Usernames And Skins At The Same Time

The PC version of Vainglory has been abandoned, so some features present in the latest mobile version of the game are gone/not working.
This guide will allow you to use usernames charms and as well as many other features while playing on the PC version of the game!

Android and iOS received an update on 2022/9/9 which allows them to use usernames, skins and talents without issues!


First, you need to download Vainglory for PC obviously. If you have not done so, go here:
Since the PC version has not received updates, the latest client available is 4.13.

Then, you need an Android phone, tablet or emulator to install the mobile version of Vainglory.
You can also use an iOS/iPadOS device (Apple), but the procedure is far easier using an Android device, so if you do not have one, just use an Android emulator.

How To

Videoguide (PC + Android)

Step 1 Connect PC version to a mobile version

To “connect” the PC and mobile version you need to have the same “player.2.dat” file in both versions (actually, just the same uuid=… but let’s not make this too complicated).

It’s pretty simple: find the file player.2.dat on your PC or mobile device, and replace it with the one in the other device, so that the PC version and your Android/iOS device have the exact same file.

This file can be found in:

Windows – C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\SEMC\Vainglory

Android – android/data/
iOS without jailbreak: COMING SOON
iOS with Jailbreak – search for player.2.dat within a file manager app, or use the filza app, then click on “Apps Manager”, you will see a Vainglory icon. Click on it, and it will bring you to the Vainglory folder. Now go to Library/Application Support/com.superevilmegacorp.kindred to find the player.2.dat file.

Step 2 Change your settings and play

Now, open Vainglory in your phone, tablet or emulator and change your username to what you want, choose your hats, charms etc.

Once you are ready, go in queue. Then, in draft or match loading (or during the actual match, but you will go AFK for a little as the game loads), open your PC version and continue to play from there!

You can also open PC version and then the mobile client, in this case you will receive a session ended message on PC. Just go in draft/match from mobile then press “ok” on PC to enter the match!

Note: if you use a vpn to play on a different vainglory server, both PC and mobile must be on that vainglory server (aka, you need vpn on both phone/tablet and PC)


You can use this system to start playing from one device and switch to another. By example you may start a match from your phone, and then continue on your tablet or PC. All you need to do is have the same player.2.dat file in all versions.

This method works due to a recent maintenance which removed some of the data stored in Vainglory’s database, which is why now, at least until draft, you can have multiple devices connected using the same account.

Worth nothing that you can use the same trick to snipe from PC with the elo system (PC does not have a client that supports usernames)
And even to change device as you play. Let’s say your battery is running out. Bring the second device with the same player.2.dat file, open Vainglory and continue the match from there!
Note: if you are playing on a different region, you will need a VPN to ensure your account is connected to the same region in both devices.
Let’s say both devices use the same player.2.dat. On one device you have a VPN to EU, on the other one to NA. You will not be able to continue the match from your second device until you change the VPN so that Vainglory is connected to EU server from that device too.

As you explore vainglory folders, take the chance to learn how to save the replay files of your game
These are files that allow you to have a back-up of your game (viewable through the “replay mode” of Vainglory) in just a few MBs!

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