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The new version of Vainglory (which you can find on the playstore or appstore) is called “Community Edition”. There are no accounts, friends, party or chats features or punishment systems.
That’s why, by example, you will not find a “login” button (unless you are using the PC version, keep reading).
ELO is hidden and there are no skill tiers. Most players are stuck around 1 200 ELO and players can manually alter their ELO, so it is pretty much worthless.
All heroes, skins and talents are available for free. 5V5 Ranked and Casual, 3V3 Ranked, ARAL and Blitz are the available modes (though some modes are called “ranked”, as said previously there is no proper ELO system, so it does not really matter).
As you can expect, games are very unbalanced without a proper ELO system at work. You may have games with former tier 10 gold and new players all thrown in the same match. AFK and trolls are also common due to the lack of punishments and report system.
Do not lose all hope yet though. The community is doing its best to keep the game alive, and many issues can be circumvented. Keep reading this page if you want to enjoy Vainglory!
More information about what Vainglory Community Edition is, the PC version, why Vainglory became this way, the current meta, how to change region/server, and solutions to some problems you may encounter are in the FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you encounter technical issues which make the game unplayable for you read this page:
If you want to know how to change region or server, read here (do not use the dropdown menu in-game):

Where can I download Vainglory? What are the available versions of the game? Is the PC version still working?

You can download Vainglory from the playstore or appstore.
For more details about all available versions of Vainglory, alternative download links, PC version etc. read here

How long does it take to find a match?

Usually 3V3 and ARAL queue is very fast, just a few minutes if not instantaneous.

5V5 and blitz are in a different situation unfortunately. We recommend to play with friends (see next question on how to party and where to find more people) for these game modes or you won’t find a match.
If you are lucky you may be able to find 5V5 in the evening.
Specifically, for EU try 5V5 RANKED around 18-22 UTC. NA 5V5 CASUAL 23 to 3 UTC. For SEA 5V5 RANKED 19:30 to 21:30 UTC.

How do I play with my friends?

Read here how to party:
And here is a list of active communities, if you want to find more people to play with: and avoid trolls and AFKs

How to unlock draft in 3V3 Ranked?

Just like before Community Edition was a thing, you need one player whose ELO is 1600 or above (this was Tier 7 back in the days). ELO is hidden now, but you can manipulate it by writing the number you want followed by _ before your username.
Example: 1600_Nekreirypt will make your ELO 1600 (if you remove it, you go back to your regular ELO, which is usually around 1200).

We do not recommend doing this though. Chances are your queue will be VERY long, around 8 minutes (after 8 minutes the matchmaker is hardcoded to give you a match if there are enough people in queue), because there is hardly anyone at 1600 ELO to pair with and against you.
Also, waste time in draft just for the match to be dodged gets pretty annoying.
It is best to find a snipe group if you want to play more serious games and make full use of the draft.
More about this and how the ELO_username system works here:

Do my 3 ICE to reroll in ARAL refresh every game?

Yes, they do! Feel free to spend them, you’ll have 3 again next game!

What is the current meta?

Meta Overview and Tier List:
Hero Builds:
For more guides:

What happened to this game?

In short, the game was not profitable. Super Evil Mega Corp could no longer keep it running. So, instead of shutting down the game for good, SEMC decided to remove most features from the game (chats, friends, party, ranks, accounts etc.) to reduce their costs, then provide all heroes, talents, and skins for free to everyone.
There is a lot more to this though. SEMC original plan was to let the community run their own private servers, and provide (even if in a different form) some of the removed features, like party and chat.
If you are interested in the details, you can read about it here:
Sadly, the development of community edition is in pause since SEMC is working on their new game (Catalyst Black) and have no resources available to finish Vainglory Community Edition.
Currently, we are at the 1B stage of the plan linked previously. We do not know when the development of community edition will progress, only 1 developer is working on the game currently.
In September 2022 there was an update to fix a bug with skins & talents after years of silence, however we should not expect client updates anytime soon. Do not bother the developers, they will go back to finish Vainglory when they can.

Excoundrel made a very good video to explain the story of Vainglory, and how the game got to this point.
Here is a link to his video, I recommend to watch:
Also, I saw many other youtube videos or reddit posts trying to do the same, but often those would contain errors or misunderstand some situations.

Who is “Rogue”?

Before going the Community Edition route, SEMC tried a partnership with this company to keep Vainglory alive while they worked on Catalyst Black. Rogue failed to make profits out of Vainglory, so with just a 3 days notice, they told SEMC they wanted to shut down the servers. SEMC got back control of the game and prevented the shutdown. Soon after that, they announced Vainglory Community Edition.
Rogue released 3 heroes, Karas, Shin and Amael, but due to plagiarism (in the case of Karas) and various bugs and poor animations these new heroes were not well received by the community.
Without Rogue’s partnership Vainglory would have most likely moved to Community Edition months earlier. Rogue may not have been a good publisher, but they were not the reason for Vainglory’s downfall unlike what many believe.
Things were already going bad, that’s why SEMC tried to find a partner to begin with.

If you have more questions, you can ask in our discord server

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