How to change region

You may want to change region to connect to a more active one to find matches, or to play with some friends.
Regions are most active around these times (meaning, you should have an easier time finding matches):
SEA 07:00 – 15:00 UTC
EU 15:00 – 23:00 UTC
UTC NA 23:00 – 07:00 UTC

When it comes to game modes, your chances to find matches go like this: 3V3>ARAL>5V5>Blitz
5V5 Casual is more active than 5v5 Ranked in NA, the inverse in EU. Unsure about other regions. However, generally 5V5 and blitz are more or less dead outside of snipes.
Below a guide to change region.
The region selector dropdown menu in 1B client does NOT work, do not bother with it.

Step 1

Install a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to connect to a server in the region you want to play.
Example: if you want to play in Europe connect to a server in France or Germany, for North America connect to a server in the United States or Canada, and so on.
Search in the app or google store for “VPN” and you will find many applications.

Be sure to do your own research and choose a VPN you trust! VPNs are useful for plenty of things 😛
However, take note these can track all your internet traffic, so you should use a VPN you genuinely trust.

Step 2

Open Vainglory and click on your username (if you are using client 1A/4.13 click on “tap to login or register).
Above the region selector you will see the region you are currently in.
In this screenshot, I am in Europe (see the very small text in white above the region selector), though the dropdown menu says NA:

If you are using a previous client of Vainglory, such 1A or 4.13, it will look like this instead:

Your region is written right below “SIGN UP”.

I am not in the region I want!

Now that we got to this point, you may have an issue: you are not connected to the region you want. You are in the wrong region or still in the one you live.
This is a common issue with Vainglory. I have no idea why it is a thing, but if it happens, just change server in your VPN and restart Vainglory until you connect to the region you want.
With the VPN I use the first 7 North America servers do not work and will make Vainglory stay in Europe (where I live) or connect to Southeast Asia or South America. However, the 8th North America server in my VPN gets me into the NA server. I recommend to figure out which server gets you to what region and write it somewhere, it can be useful to not waste time!

Optional Step 3, Will Reduce Lag So Recommended

Turn off the VPN without quitting the Vainglory app. You can do so in the lobby (right after you open the game essentially) or during match loading. Doing so in draft will bring you back to your region, while doing it during the actual match could cause you to go AFK for minutes (it’s not quick like in match loading, in fact, I think if you forgot to turn your vpn off, it is best to reopen the game, and once you get to the loading screen you can turn the vpn off).

VPNs usually add quite some lag. Based on the experience of me and many other users, you’ll lag much more with a VPN on. By example, I have around 350-400 ms playing with a VPN on, and 150-200 with VPN off from EU to NA server.
Note that if you do this and the game crashes (or you close it), you will need to turn the VPN on again before opening Vainglory to come back to your match.
Once the match loading starts (you’ll see a picture of the hero you were playing) you are free to disconnect again though!
If you open and close Vainglory without a VPN on, you will go back to your region. To avoid this you must open Vainglory and close the VPN without leaving the app.

PC Users

PC users can just go to the VPN app and close it (PC multitasking is OP) after opening the game and checking that you are in the right region.


Android users can bring down their notifications panel to disconnect. VPNs usually have a disconnect button right there, so they can turn the VPN off without leaving Vainglory.

Check if you are in the right region. Then, bring down the notifications panel (doing this does NOT kick you out of the Vainglory app) and from there you can disconnect the VPN:

I’m not sure if ALL Android VPNs can be disconnected from notifications, but all I checked until now do.


For iPadOS (aka apple tablets for tech illiterates) it’s fairly simple using the multitasking feature. You open Vainglory, then bring up the VPN (this is a screenshot example I have taken from another guy since I do not own an iOS device to do it myself, I have no idea whether the VPN he is using is trustworthy or not) and disconnect:

If I recall correctly, to use the multitasking feature like this, you need to keep the VPN app in the iPadOS taskbar, then open Vainglory and bring up the taskbar (do not move your finger up too quickly or you will close Vainglory and go back to the Home). Finally, place your finger on the VPN, and drag it to the side so that it will open without closing Vainglory.


For iOS (aka apple phones, for tablets read above) we couldn’t find a way to do it. So you will have to play with more lag. If you figure out a way let me know though!
I saw someone using the multitasking feature on iOS just like on iPadOS (check the image above), but it was on a jailbroken device. I am NOT suggesting you to jailbreak your phone for this, rather, if you already did the jailbreak or were planning to, there is this possibility.

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