Farm is one of the most important actives in MOBAs. By farming you can gain gold, which you can use to buy items and increase your stats and/or gain special effects, and EXP, which you can use to level up.
Players automatically gain 3 gold and 0.8 EXP per second, starting by 00:40.
Players start at level 1 (max 12), and 600 gold.
90 + 10 EXP for each additional level required to level up.


Introduction, Ambient Gold and Experience Share

The first minion wave appear at 00:20 in the base and reach the centre of the lane at 00:50 for the side lanes (bot/top lane) and 00:40 for the mid lane.
Every 25 seconds a wave of 4 (5 for mid lane) minions appears.
It is composed by 2 “melee” minion, 1 “big” minion and 1 (2 for mid lane) siege minion.
Every 4 waves, a “captain” minion spawn and replace the big one. The captain minion’s buffs the damage of all other minions
You can gain ambient gold in lane by staying close when the minion is killed by an ally hero. Ambient gold is only given to the player with the lowest total amount of gold nearby (10 m is the ambient gold range) and is equivalent to 50% of the minion’s worth, rounded up.
Experience is shared among all players nearby.

Experience share is (Last-hitter/Other):

  • 1 player = 100%
  • 2 players = 85/75%
  • 3 players = 60/50/50%
  • 4 players = 46/38/38/38%
  • 5 players = 36/31/31/31/31

Hero Kill Experience: 6 + 1.2/level +/-45% per level difference (minimum of -90%)
Ghostwing: 10 each
Blackclaw (uncaptured): 15 each
Blackclaw (captured): 10 each

Minion’s Waves

A wave is composed by the following minions:
2 Meele: 35 gold (18 ambient gold) each
1 Big: 60 gold (30 ambient gold)
1 Captain: 100 gold (50 ambient gold) , appear every 4 waves and replaces the big one.
1/2 Siege: 25 gold (13 ambient gold) each, 2 siege ONLY in mid lane.
Total gold for side lanes: 155 gold, 195 when captain minion appears.
Total gold for mid lane: 180 due to the additional siege minion (+25 gold), and 220 when captain minion appears.
Ambient gold for side lanes: 79, 99 when captain minion appears.
Ambient gold for mid lane: 92, 112 when captain minion appears.

Minions Special Effects

Captain minion buff: Captain Aura
Allied minions within a 12m radius take 50% less damage from structures and 20% less damage from enemy minions

Minion Empowerment
Allied minions which pass by an armory are granted 35 bonus minion defense

Minion Victory Buff
Destroying an enemy armory will grant allied minions in the respective lane the following:
Damage to Minions: 200%
Reduced Damage from Heroes: 25%
Minions in the lane of a destroyed enemy armory will constantly be pushing toward the opposing side of the map. However, be careful as this does allow your opponents to have easier access to farming up those minions

Turret’s attack priority against minions

If an entire wave is in the turret’s attack range, the turret will attack first the siege minions, then the meele minions, then the ranged minions. If captain minions are around, they will be attacked for last.
Note that the turret will attack first whatever minion/hero/other possible target enters its range first and focus on that one until it is dead or exit the turret’s attack range. Then, the priority written above will apply.
Credits to your doomsday0 for this, you can find a video about this and more last hitting tips in this video:

Gold per minute in lane table

The table below should give a better perspective of how many gold you can gain from the lane.

How to use:
Time: this is the moment minions spawn.
Cs Side Lanes/Mid Lane: this is the number of minions spawned until that time in that lane. “*” means a Captain minion is present in that wave.
Gold Side Lane/Gold Mid Lane: this is the amount of gold you can get by last hitting all minions appeared until now in that lane.
Gold per Second: this is the amount of gold per second you automatically gain.
Total Gold Side Lanes/Gold Mid Lane: Gold Side Lanes/Mid Lane+Gold per Second. A laner can have even more gold by taking some jungle’s camps, kills and objectives.
In the settings go in Preferences –> Disable Show Kill Bounty if you want to see everyone’s cs in the scoreboard. Then, you can compare these with the cs in the table, to know whether you/your laner is last hitting well or not.
However, laners take some jungle camps, do kills, rotate etc. You shouldn’t neglect these to aim for perfect CS.

IMPORTANT: the following table does not consider the time minions requires to walk. By example, to reach the centre of the lane, the minions require an extra 30 seconds since they appear in the Sanctuary for the side lanes, and 20 seconds for the mid lane.
This mean that, even though the table says at 00:45 8/10 minions appeared, your laner can’t have farmed these (unless somehow you’re already in the enemy base at 00:45 and farm the minions right there).
In other words, unless you are farming minions right in the enemy Sanctuary, you need to go back a row when you check the table. If the time is 00:45, check the previous row, 00:20, if you got 4/5 (side/mid lane) cs then you are fine. You can’t have 8/10 because the minions have just appeared in the enemy Sanctuary. You’ll farm these when they’ll come to the centre of the lane, by example.

TimeCS Side LanesCS Mid LaneGold Side LanesGold Mid LaneGold per SecondTotal Gold Side LanesTotal Gold Mid Lane
02:2524309701 16091518852075
02:5028351 1251 34099021152330
03:1532*40*1 3201 5601 06523852625
03:4036451 4751 7401 14026152880
04:0540501 63019201 21528453135
04:3044551 7852 1001 29030753390
04:5548*60*1 9802 3201 36533453685
05:2052652 1352 5001 44035753940
05:4556702 2902 6801 51538054195
06:1060752 4452 8601 59040354450
06:3564*80*2 6403 0801 66543054745
07:0068852 7953 2601 74045355000
07:2572902 9503 4401 81547655255
07:5076953 1053 6201 89049955510
08:1580*100*3 3003 8401 96552655805
08:40841053 4554 0202 04054956060
09:05881103 6104 2002 11557256315
09:30921153 7654 3802 19059556570
09:5596*120*3 9604 6002 26562256865
10:201001254 1154 7802 34064557120
10:451041304 2704 9602 41566857375
11:101081354 4255 1402 49069157630
11:35112*140*4 6205 3602 56571857925
12:001161454 7755 5402 64074158180
12:251201504 9305 7202 71576458435
12:501241555 0855 9002 79078758690
13:15128*160*5 2806 1202 86581458985
13:401321655 4356 3002 94083759240
14:051361705 5906 4803 01586059495
14:301401755 7456 6603 09088359750
14:55144*180*5 9406 8803 165910510045


Introduction, Legend and Jungle’s Monsters level

Orb Guardians: Weapon Treant and Crystal Treant
Jungle Monsters: all other jungle creatures
Camps: Jungle Monsters and Orb Guardians

All jungle camps appears at 00:40. All Jungle camps except Weapon and Crystal Treant appears every 01:45 from the time of the kill. The Weapon and Crystal Treant reappears every 02:05 from the time of the kill.
You can not gain ambient gold or shared EXP from jungle camps. Only the last hitter gains the gold and EXP.

Camps’ level will always be the current game time minute divided by two plus one rounded down. For example, if the game is at 4:05, all camps will be level (4 / 2) + 1 = 3. Camps cap out at level 7.

Big Bear x2 in the “top” side of the jungle

Worth: 90 gold per bear, 180 total
Experience Bounty: 18 per bear
They reappears every 01:45 from the time of the kill

Goldoak in the “bottom” side of the jungle

Worth: 220 gold
Experience Bounty: 35
It reappears every 01:45 from the time of the kill

Barrier Treant + Small Bear in the top and bottom side of the jungle

Worth: 50 gold for the barrier treant, 25 for the small bear. 75 in total
Experience Bounty: 18 for the barrier treant, 13 for the small bear
It reappears every 01:45 from the time of the kill

Weapon Treant (bottom side of the jungle)

Worth: 80 gold
Experience Bounty: 35
It reappears every 02:05 seconds from the time of the kill.
This Treant drops the Weapon Power Orb.

Weapon Power Orb Effects
  • Lasts 90 seconds
  • Basic attacks on enemies will apply a decaying slow to them starting at 35% for 2 seconds
  • Weapon damage is increased by 4-15% (level 1-12)
  • If the bearer of this orb is killed, the orb will be given to the killer.

Crystal Treant (top side of the jungle)

Worth: 80 gold
Experience Bounty: 35
It reappers every 02:05 from the time of the kill.
This Treant drops the Crystal Power Orb.

Crystal Power Orb Effects
  • Lasts 90 seconds
  • Crystal damage is increased by 4-15% (level 1-12)
  • Crystal damage now lifesteals for 10% of the damage dealt
  • If the bearer of this orb is killed, the orb will be given to the killer.

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