Vainglory crashes on “Downloading Assets”

For in-game crashes we have no solution. The following happen upon installation, preventing it.

Vainglory crashes on “Downloading Assets” (Android only)

Step 1

Download the folder which contains the file (this file is the assets the game is failing to download):

Step 2

Connect your phone to a computer.
Copy the folder you just downloaded to your phone at: android/obb/
If you did everything right, you will have the file in the folder android/obb/
You should now be able to complete the “download assets”. Try to reopen the game!

Extra step if you use 1A or 4.13 Client

If you are using Vainglory 1B (this is version you get if you download Vainglory from the the app or google store) do not do this step.
If you use the 1A client, you need to rename the file to
For 4.13 client, rename it to
This is the file inside the folder you downloaded in step 1.

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