Crystal Buff Resets Your Lifesteal

As many of you know, the Crystal Buff provides 10% crystal lifesteal. However, due to a bug, if you have any previous crystal lifesteal active that will be cancelled.

To do an example, let’s say you have the item ‘Eve Of Harvest”. This item provides 15% lifesteal (+25% crystal lifesteal on your next 400-800 crystal damage).
You would assume that with the crystal buff, you’d have a total of 25% lifesteal (+25% from Eve passive).

However, due to a bug, if you have Eve and then get the crystal buff, all you will be left with is 10% lifesteal on crystal damage (weapon lifesteal will work regularly though).

It seems the cp buff does not add 10% crystal lifesteal, instead, it sets your lifesteal to 10%. So if you have more than that, you just go back to 10%.

Note that if you have the crystal buff and then buy eve, eve lifesteal will be added to the crystal buff, for a total of 25% llifesteal (+25% from Eve passive). Potentially, you can take the crystal buff and then buy Eve. Sadly next time you take a crystal buff, your Eve lifesteal will still be cancelled by the crystal buff.
if, by example, you know the next one is going to be the last fight, so even if one of your items won’t work correctly it doesn’t matter to you.

The buff will behave the same way with other forms of lifesteal, such as Ishtar’s C. If you use your ultimate and then take the crystal buff, your lifesteal will drop to 10%. However, if you already have the buff and THEN use your C, you will gain the lifesteal from ultimate regularly.


First, I have Eve and attack Treant, doing 85 damage. Since I have Eve, I’m lifestealing 13 damage, and this makes sense: 85 (my damage)*0.15 (my lifesteal)=12.75, which gets rounded to 13.
Then I get the crystal buff. The cp buff gives 15% bonus crystal damage and 10% crystal lifesteal.
So, my damage now is 85*1.15 (bonus CP damage)=97.75, which gets rounded to 98, what we see in game. I should heal 97.75*0.25 (15% lifesteal from Eve, + 10% from cp buff)=24.43

But look at how much I am healing. Just 10 HP! I am doing MORE damage, and I am supposed to have a bigger % lifesteal, and somehow I am life stealing less than before!

However, watch the magic now: I sell Eve and buy it again. Nothing should have changed, yet… 98 damage, 24 healing!

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