How Lyra’s Slow Works

Lyra’s perk has a slow that scales with HP (0.05% bonus max health).

You’d think once you hit 2000 bonus health you would have the max effect, 100% slow, and more HP would not change anything. Turns out, this is not the case!
Lyra’s slow is a decaying slow( just like the slow from the Weapon Power buff). Basically by the moment it’s applied the slow strength goes down, until 0%.

And this is the interesting part. Because if you have 3000 bonus HP, or 150% slow, the slow will still be stronger than 100%.
Why? Because if it goes down from 100% to 0 it’s faster than from 150% to 0%.
I do not know exactly long Lyra’s slow lasts, nor at what rate the slow decays, but to better explain the difference between 100% and 150 slow strength, let’s just say (as an example) Lyra’s slow lasts 1 second, and the decay speed increases the stronger the slow is.

If you have 2000 bonus health, 100% slow, it will go down like this:
0.2s later: 80% slow
0.5s later: 50% slow
0.6s later: 40% slow
0.9s later: 10% slow
1s later: 0%.

But if you have 3000 bonus health, and 150% slow:
0.2s later: 120% slow
0.5s later: 75% slow
0.6s later: 60% slow
0.9s later: 15% slow
1s later: 0%

Video proof

As you can see, I initially have 4 shiversteel and 2 blazing salvo, and the treant manages to come close to me and attack. However, when I upgrade the 2 blazing salvo to 2 extra shiversteel, the treant is clearly moving slower than before (I recommend play the video at lower playback speed if you want to see this clearly), and he dies before getting in range to attack me. I attacked the treant from the same distance in both cases, and between 2 extra shiversteel and 2 blazing salvo there is no difference in my damage or attack speed. All of this means that yes, Lyra slow will be stronger if you go above 100% slow strength, 2000 bonus HP.

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  1. Mashiro
    Mashiro says:

    Nice descriptions but I cant play video I mean there isnt any link or play button to do so (。ŏ﹏ŏ)

    1. Everlasting Night

      Hi thank you for noticing, I’ll fix soon!

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