Technical support

In this page you will find a list of bugs and solutions to them. If Vainglory is not working for you, try to search here.

Note that this page is exclusively for bugs that make impossible to install the application, play the game etc.
If you are looking for bugs related to specific heroes, items etc. to improve your knowledge and gameplay, read known bugs and hidden stats

If you need more help, here is our discord:
For technical help, use #technical channel.
The technical support is free, we just wish people can play Vainglory! Though don’t try to ask for help before trying the solutions below.
And obviously, no guarantee we can make your game work. We are NOT SEMC developers. We learned what we know through trial & error.

Remember to try the solutions in the FAQ before asking for help if the game does not work.

The game crashes at download assets (android only)

The game crashes at “installing data” (android only)

You can try to install xapk from apkpure:
You can read here how to install xapk files:
I searched quite a bit through the internet and apkpure has a reputation for being safe, which is why I’m suggesting this solution.
But don’t trust me on it, do your research and decide by yourself whether to install or not.

Vainglory crashes on Huawei phones (Android only)

The game is stuck in “LOADING…”, unable to connect, or the game freezes every few seconds

Try to

  1. Reinstall Vainglory
  2. Restart your device
  3. Change your DNS (You can use:,,,, or We have had one case where a player could not solve by changing DNS, but using this service fixed the issue.
    We have never personally used this app, but if nothing else works you can consider if give it a go.
  4. Edit/delete your player.2.dat file (this solution is ONLY for the pc version of the game)
Edit Player.2.dat file guide

A thank you to Mafioso’s Pride for this!

Download this file: Link soon
It’s a .7z archive. Extract the content with your software of choice. 7zip, winrare etc. all work. The password for the archive is
The archive contains the “SEMC” folder.
Now, go to the following folder on your pc:
Local Disk\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming

Note if you can not see “AppData” folder
AppData is an hidden folder. When you are to whateveryourusernameis folder, check the Windows explorer menu. There are 3 menu, Home, Share, View. Click on View. On the right you will see the “hidden items” option with a checkbox. Enable the option to see hidden items.

Copy paste the SEMC folder you downloaded and extracted from the archive before here, then, open Vainglory (do not forget to change DNS as explained above if your game is stuck at “Loading…”).

If you want to, instead of copy paste the SEMC folder, you can also directly edit your Player.2.dat file:
Go to Local Disk\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming\SEMC\Vainglory
Open the file Player.2.dat with notepad (or whatever you prefer).
Now, edit the file:
Use the find feature, search “uuid=” and remove everything until the next line where “initialAccount=” is.
Search for an “username=” string. Delete the usernme (the portion after username=)
Finally, search for hasInitiatedLogin=1
Change the 1 to a 0. There might be multiple hasInitiatedLogin. Be sure to change them all!
Save the file and open Vainglory.

I am stuck in match loading after the match started (Windows/MAC version)

The PC version may take a long time to load the maps if the game is not installed on a SSD. You may enter the match a few minutes after it started, making your team play 4 v 5 for the first 2-3 minutes.
If you must install the game on hard disk, you should start a practice match every time you open the game, so that the game con load the map. This way you will be able to play any PvP match without being locked into loading screen for minutes.

The game says to update to a new version but there isn’t one available

The Windows and MAC versions of the game on vainglory’s official website are NOT up to date. Download the game here:

Vainglory crashed, Error code c0000005, or black screen (Windows)

You can try a few things, but there is no specific solution, even if you try everything you may not fix this.

About the black screen bug, there are two versions. In one case the game shows a black screen and you can hear sounds. If that’s the case, try Shift+Enter right when you open the game (you need to be fast), the game will switch to Window mode. Usually this solve the problem.
You can also try to run the game on Windows 7 Professional (home and premium will not work).

In the other version, the game shows a black screen then crashes instantly. For this and the error code c0000005 try this:

Download Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 x64 AND x86 (both)
If it doesn’t work, download all versions of Microsoft Visual C++
You can download Microsoft Visual C++ here:

Go to C:\Windows\System32 in your computer, find the file opengl32.dll and copy paste (do not cut) it in the Vainglory folder (where Vainglory.exe is). You should have the file in your pc after installing Microsoft Visual C++. If you do not, reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ and restart your pc.

Unable to connect (Iran)

After a server update in October 2022 Vainglory servers have been moved to a Google’s service which blocks connections from Iran. As such a VPN is necessary to play.

Other bugs

A list of workarounds from a SEMC developer:

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