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This page exist to provide a list of common situations, advice and examples for players or the coaches that are helping them.


Play around the enemies kits and items

In a fight try to predict what’s going to happen. You should know how much range, cooldown, damage and CC your enemies have. This will come with experience.
You don’t necessarily need the specific values, but a “feeling” of it.

Think about your hero’s kit and items. You can use your skills to dodge some damage/CC, or tank it too. Or an ally. You might be at 10% HP, but thanks to your Ardan’s Fountain of Renewal and Vanguard, you’ll be able to survive and kill your target.

Let’s say you’re a Ringo chasing the enemy Kinetic at 10% HP. One basic is all you need to kill her. However, her teammates Catherine and Tony appear, ready to stop you, and potentially kill you. Catherine will stun you with her A, Tony will follow with his A and B skills, and while you’re stunned and taunted by these 3 skills, their Kinetic will kill you. You won’t be able to touch her at all. She was at 10% HP, but you just had no chance to hit her.
You should’ve predicted that her teammates CC would’ve stopped you and escaped instead of pointlessly trying to kill Kinetic.

What if you have a Reflex Block though? Does it change the situation?
You’ll active your reflex block when Catherine comes to stun you, this will give you 2 seconds of CC immunity, so Tony won’t be able to do anything either. You can run toward Kinetic and kill her. However, as you’re almost in basic attack range to kill her, she uses her B skill to dash away from you. That small distance is enough: by the time you’ll get on her again your Reflex Block will be off, Tony will use his B skill and Kinetic will escape or maybe even kill you.
You got close this time, but you still died.

Ok ok, but what if, instead of chasing and land a basic attack, you just run into Kinetic just to get in range for your C skill? You’ll active reflex block, so that Catherine and Tony can’t stun you while the animation of your C is still on-going. Congratulation, now you got the kill!
Had you run into Kinetic, you would’ve died, reflex block or not. But by using your C skill instead, and reflex block to not be stunned as you’re using it, you got the kill!
Remember that usually in real scenarios there’ll be many more factors to consider. What if Catherine had a Fountain of Renewal to save her teammate? Did Kinetic already used her flask?

Walk right into the edge of the opponent’s range, then instantly go back or side step. They might waste their skill and give you an advantage for trades

Even basic attacks have some cooldowns. Did your enemy just used a basic attack on a minion? A turret? This creates a small window for you to trade. Take these favourable trades and win your lane!

MOBAs are not Death Matches. You don’t win the game by killing the enemy team over and over.

When you’re killing an enemy, try to let the team member that needs the gold the most last hitting the target. By example, it’s usually better to let the mid laner last hit and take the gold instead of the captain, a jungler that will soon fall off (hero with strong early game/weak late game), or a tank. Not always, as it depends by many factors, but usually it is.
Kills are resources that you will use to win the game. When you’re killing someone, ask yourself, who should get this kill (resource)? Getting 30 kills as Taka may sound cool, but there is no point if you then lose anyway because your Magnus is still only halfway with his build. You win by shattering the vain, so, if to achieve this you need to let Magnus take the kill, even if you did all the job, just let him, ping him to do so!
Distribute the team’s resources correctly among the team members, and remember that kills are resources.
And of course, be sure to SECURE the kill. Don’t let the enemy escape.

This is true for other situations:
When a turret is destroyed, 300 gold are split among all players in turret range. Be sure to get out of turret range before the turret is destroyed, so that more gold are given to the team member (s) that need them the most. Usually, if you’re utility, you’ll let your carry get the full 300 gold, unless that 150 gold/however much gold lets you immediately go to the shop and buy a crucible/fountain for an impending teamfight

Take skills that can hit across the map in consideration when you trade

Don’t forget about skills such as Baron, Celeste, Kestrel’s C. If you try to trade with the enemy and get low in HP, even though you know you can survive to the enemy in front of you, don’t forget that enemies in other lanes might be watching, ready to kill you with their map-wide range skills.
If those skills are in your team, try to set-up an unexpected kill with your teammates, this is a lot easier if you have voice chat.

Don’t waste your flask

If your enemy won’t continue attacking, don’t waste your flask.
If your enemy’s main damage comes from his skills and those are now in cooldown, he won’t be able to kill you. He already did his combo, used all his damage, the 30% HP you have left might be just enough to survive without need to use flask. If you don’t plan to stay in lane, but to recall, save the flask for later.
Your enemy might even get greedy. He might not consider/know whether your flask is in cooldown or not and dive. By using flask at that point, you might actually get the kill thanks to the turret extra damage!
Of course, it depends by the situation. If you plan to not use your flask, be sure you can really survive to your enemy with what’s left of your HP. Be sure you know where the enemies are, as you might get bursted down by an assassin when you don’t expect it.

If the enemy is taking an objective you don’t always need to go defend it

Even though your enemy is taking an objective, you might not be able to come in time to defend or contest it. In this case, just take another objective, there is no point in going there anyway. Say the enemy is taking the bot turret, if you can’t come in time and it’ll be destroyed while you’re still halfway in the lane, you have not accomplished anything. You just wasted precious time.
Also there might be an even better objective than the one the enemies are taking now. Is it better to defend the first top turret, or letting the enemies destroy it and take the mid turret, or ghostwing in the time?
Think about whether it’s truly worth to go there, maybe there is something better that you could do in the time.

Play less mechanically demanding heroes initially

Play less mechanically demanding heroes will let you focus on the actual game. Once you’re comfortable with the heroes you play, you can focus on improving on hundreds of other things (rotations, wave management etc.)

Elo is a measure of many different skills and average performances

If a player is particularly strong during laning phase and consistently outplays you, don’t give up just yet!
Think about it: if this guy is an above average player in laning phase, but he is stuck at your same elo, chances are he is a lot worse than you in many other things. He might have worse macro, builds, team fights and so on.
Remember that there is a reason you two are in the same elo, unless he is a smurf, there is no way he is that much better in everything than you.
Of course, it might just be that you played poorly the lane phase, but, in general, if they seems to be above average for your tier, but they have not climbed yet, there must be some weak points in their gameplay. Try to outplay them in the things you’re better at.

THINK before chasing kills

Before deciding to chase for a kill think about whether it truly worth or there is something else you could do, like take a turret or a dragon.
Ask yourself where the enemies are. If you don’t know, they might ambush you when you chase their teammate. They’ll save their teammate and kill you.
Be careful, they might provoke you by showing themselves at low health, recalling or taunting a lot, just to trigger a flask as you turret dive or their teammates to come out of a brush.

Can the magnus come back and contest the dragon/steal it?
Always think before moving. Ask yourself questions:
Is some dangerous skill that could kill me in cooldown? (Think about chasing a low-hp Joule, but as you walk into a tight corridor the throws at you her C beam, which you can’t dodge due to the small area you are in).
Where are his teammates?
Did he use flask? Did he use Reflex Block? Can I kill him anyway?

If the enemy armory as been destroyed, don’t go push that lane

As you already destroyed the enemy armory, your minions will be stronger than the enemies and therefore automatically push for you. Go apply pressure somewhere else, your little friends can pose a threat by themselves and don’t need your help!
Of course if your armory is destroyed too (this will balance out the minions) or if the enemies somehow got an enormous minion wave, or… whatever, always analyze your situation. There are always exceptions 😛

Mute your teammates if there is no alternative

Are your teammates being toxic, rude, flaming in chat? Tell them this is not helpful, that this is very distracting. Remember them that everyone here (in the team) is trying to shatter the enemy vaincrystal, and that they should relax and focus their attention on this goal. If they don’t listen, mute them. Otherwise you’ll get distracted and under perform.
And, obviously, don’t flame yourself. It won’t do any good to the team, you’re just lowering your winrate.

You can easily tank turret shots late game

You don’t always need blackclaw or minions to end.
You just killed the enemy team, they are on a 40s respawn, you can just rush turrets and destroy the vain crystal. Let your tank take the turret shots, and throw all the damage you have to the turrets (better to have an high DPS hero rather than someone more bursty to do this). Even though turrets have a barrier if no minion or blackclaw is nearby, late game many heroes can easily dish out so much damage to break through it and destroy the turret.

Check your ping before starting a match, the lowest, the better

Play with high ping will impact your performances. You can check it by clicking on the PLAY button that shows all the game modes. In the top-right corner the game will show your ping.
Usually, a ping above 100 is not recommended, but it really depends by your skill level and heroes you play. It is possible to play at 200 ms or even more, but it’ll get harder and harder to aim skillshots, use reflex block, react to something with a certain skill and so on.
Lance’s A animation requires 0.7 seconds (read our page Hidden Stats). If you have a ping of 100 ms, you’ll only have 600 ms to react with your reflex block or some other skill (even less, as the skill you want to activate has its own wind-up time).
On a side note, when your ping alternates a lot it can cause even more trouble than an high, but constant, one. Because as you adapt to play at a certain ping, then it changes, making you react too early or too late. When the ping is stable, after playing for a while, you can more or less “include it” in your moves (you’ll aim a bit further in advance to hit that running enemy by example).

Lower tiers players are much more likely to make mistakes

At higher tiers players do less and less mistakes. One mistake may cost you the game, as higher tiers players will abuse the advantage to snowball.
However, in lower tiers, there is a mistake after another.
While you should try to understand whether it’s truly worth to surrender even in higher elo (remember: you don’t climb ranks by playing a lot, but by winning), in lower elo it’s recommended to not surrender until the very end. People are much more likely to do a mistake, so even though they have the advantage, there might still be another chance to take over the game.

Increase Team Morale

Make good use use of the social pings to keep moral up. For example thumbs for good plays by teammates, beers for objective takes/saves. This can also really help rally the team when losing. However, avoid social ping of support when your teammate dies as it can come across as being sarcastic. Instead celebrate the enemy mega kill streak Taka being shut down by a minion.

Level Skip

If you don’t put a point into one of your abilities at level 5 (3-1-0 or 1-3-0), you can save it and at level 6 you can put it onto your ult and the ability with three points (4-1-1 or 1-4-1 instead of 3-2-1 or 2-3-1). It can help you get a slight advantage since you usually get a tier 3 item and have a power spike by then.

Last hit minions in lane

How to last hit minions in lane? SEMC has done a wonderful job where the orange health bar becomes DARKER when you can land a basic attack and secure the last hit. The bar becomes more dark much earlier if you have a wp hero as they do more basic attack damage. But useful for all heroes.

Keep track of the enemy teams through subtle hints

During late game, when enemy team is missing and you don’t have vision control over map, just try to look for subtle hints near camps to find enemies. “Subtle hints” are that if enemy uses an ability it leaves a visual clue. For example, celeste’s A and B, vox’s Resonance, krul’s B, Taka’s A, Ardan’s A, and so on. This will get you a decent idea of enemy position. The converseof this tip would be to avoid using any ability in jungle during late game because if I am the enemy captain, I shall hunt you down.

Learn the “game” is more important than the hero

An important tip when ranking up and improving skill is that your overall skill(your creep score/csing, game sense, positioning, understanding powerspikes, lane trading, etc.) is way more important than the hero you are playing.
Even though the hero does matter in the highest tiers, if your skill is significantly better than your opponent then you will have an easier time winning your lane and playing against counters.


Counter picks are important when trying to rank.
Although captains are often chosen to shut down enemy dps heroes, they themselves are not immune to a counter pick. Noteworthy choices include:
– Catherine countering Adagio: Stuns Ult (C)
– Lance countering Catherine: (B) blocks Catherine’s (A)
– Phinn countering Yates: Passive cancels Yates’ (A) grab

Know the limits of your hero

Know the limits of your hero and your mechanics in your position, to avoid overextending and taking fights you cannot afford.

Always target damage dealer in a team fight.
Use chat to tell or ask who to target or who will u target first.
If you can’t win a team fight, then don’t team fight at all, instead take objectives like turrets and dragons.
Never blame your teammates for losing a match. It’s just a game no big deal.



Excellent engage, disengage, high damage potential and potent heal and stun. However timing is key with adagio, as with most heroes. One of his defining aspects is that he gets more and more stronger the longer the team fight, being able easily clean up or slow/ stun the enemy once thier items and abilities are on cooldown, making Adagio a massive threat during teamfights.

  • his A, is a burst heal which applies arcane fire. Everyone knows what this does, has a massive slow when used in himself near an enemy, this is great for almost any situation. Slowing enemies so that you or your allies can secure the kill, or escape/ peel from a gank or a losing team fighting. It also sets up for your ult which will always be a game changer, if successfully pulled off. His perk works with arcane fire, as it gives him energy whenever he damages a hero afflicted with arcane fire, which means that you don’t need to buy energy, at all. Which is one of the reasons why he’s so versatile.
  • His B, is a damage buff. It gives you or an ally increased damage for a set amount of attacks, there is also a time limit. It deals increased damage to those afflicted with arcane fire. This is a pretty simple ability, Not much to talk about other than the fact that it’s a lot more potent when used on adagio, than his allies and is often better to use it on himself than his allies.
  • His C, is a high damage aoe attack which has the potential to radically change any team fight it’s successfully used in. It has one of the longest stuns in the game and can quite easily get a team stun if positioned properly. This is one of the trickiest ults to use as it’s telegraphed and easily blocked, meaning that you’ll have to bait out the enemies crucible, this can be done via allies using their cc, or catching them by surprise. Even if it is blocked, the fortified health you gain, in addition to the high damage output still makes it a scary ability and can force the enemies to reposition, but it will make you vulnerable to CC, reflex block or shroud is a must on any adagio.
  • Timing and positioning are important, more so than most heroes. Adagio can be played in any position, Captain, Lane and even jungle. (Note: Captain and Lane are the more viable roles)
  • Adagio works best with other roams and heroes with high CC. And heroes with high synergy with him, such as heroes that are tanky, or output a lot of damage and sustain.
  • Adagio is still fragile and is often focused. His burst heal may not be enough, and his ult is easily negated. Tactical play and game sense is absolutely key with this hero.


A good way to keep track of your chained targets is to quickly tap your ultimate twice, counting the circles of where the enemy is, every circle is a chain


As a lance always aim at the walls with your B,not at the enemies,also the range of the shield is 180° so you can hit very tight angles!


Miho’s B ability can be fired multiple times before it gets a cooldown timer, however with the delay between consecutive activation the enemy can easily get away with only 1 or 2 hits, you can speed this up by clicking ability B every time before firing, this will remove the delay and you can fire it multiples times with little to no delay


Varya In 3v3 especially, getting the last hit on the minions is crucial but with varya it becomes a little hard due to her perk of chain attacks (when you stand still) and that slowly eats up your energy and so you have to constantly keep moving and attacking which can make you week against herors like vox or ringo and last hitting difficult.

A good way to get put of this would be to buy halcyon chargers in the start, they would help you a lot in terms of energy. Maintain distance and just farm those minions, and in time you will be able to buy your core items.

If the enemy carry is squishy and can be killed with a combo of B and A quickly, consider spellfire. If you see the jungler spending time in lane, consider Dragon’s Eye.

Overdrive your B and C. B gives you a woder range on dashes and C gives you passive attack speed which Varya makes good use of. A already has a big range and you can get close with B anyways and take out enemies. You can of course overdrive A when you want to snipe.

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