How to Party

Where can I meet people to play with?

You can search for a community in our list of Vainglory communities page.

How to play together

Due to the removal of the party feature the only way to play together is “snipe”, essentially go in queue at the same time, and hope the matchmaker puts everyone into the same match. If it doesn’t work, decline the match and try again until everyone has match found at the same time.

To make snipe easier, SEMC invented a system to make players manipulate their ELO, and thus the matchmaker, into placing you and your friends in the same match.

Here is how it works!

For those who are not interested in learning how codes work, here is a spreadsheet which contains various codes to queue as 2,3,4,5 people, organize 2V2, 3V3, 4V4, 5V5 etc.
Look for a code that does what you want to do (a duo queue, a 3 versus 3 if you got 6 players, etc.) and use it.
You and your friends must write the usernames this way: CODE_USERNAME (do not forget the underscore!)
Team Code Generator – Google Sheets

Anyway, this said, it’s time for a detailed explanation!

For full snipe party (6 players for 3V3 modes, 10 players for 5V5 modes)

Write a number above 3000 followed by “_” before your username. By example, 3001_Nekreirypt, 3001_f1nalform, 3001_Oyarsa
(From Loquori) Make sure that the underscore and dash characters are the same characters as we have on US keyboards… so, if your language is set to something else, just be careful that it’s not using a language specific character.

Number_ will be treated as if it was your elo by the matchmaker.
A very important thing to understand now: players above 3000 elo can be paired only with other players that have exact same elo points.

Matchmaker will place 3001 ELO only against other 3001 ELO players, not 3002, not 3003, 3000 or 2850 etc.

So what you and your friends do is agree on a number above 3000 (3001, 3203, 3564, 5801, 9999 etc.) and then go in queue all with the same ELO. Everyone will get into the same match!

If some of you don’t get into the same match, one of these things may be happening:

  • another group is using your exact same number. However, the chances of someone using your same number and queuing at the exact same time are extremely low.
  • if someone has been in queue for 8+ minutes the game is hard coded to give them a match if there are enough players in queue. If someone was in queue for 8+ minutes and then you all entered the queue with, say, 5555, you will get said person in your match in place of someone in your group. Because the game must give him a match.

Finally, it is possible to make custom teams, in case you want to balance each team for a more fair match, but we’ll talk about it in the next section, where we introduce usage of codes below 3000!

Example of a group of 10 players using 3042 for 5V5 Ranked (yes, you can just write the ELO without underscore and username if you want to, just like Blackfeather did):

Non full snipe (5 or less players for 3V3 modes, 9 or less players for 5V5 modes)

As we said before, ELO above 3000 requires exact ELO. Which means if you have only 5 people and go in queue for 3V3 with 3436_USERNAME a match will never start (unless some random person has been in queue for 8+ minutes, as explained previously). Because there is no one else at EXACTLY 3436 ELO.

And that’s when you need to use ELO below 3000. Unlike ELO above 3000, results are not guaranteed though.
When you use codes below 3000 the matchmaker is working normally, trying to give you the most fair match possible.

The average ELO for players not using codes is 1200, and almost nobody is noticeably below or above this value. Plus, whenever you reinstall Vainglory, your ELO is reset to 1200.
We can use this info to manipulate the system! Let’s see how.

Imagine to have 4 players and that you all want to play 3V3.
If everyone sets their ELO to, as example, 1250, the matchmaker will place you all against each other in a 2V2 match.
That’s because almost nobody else is at 1250 (almost everyone ELO is 1200, as we said previously), so place you all against each other is the most fair match possible:

1250 vs 1250
1250 vs 1250
random player (usually 1200) vs random player (usually 1200)

Now let’s say you have 5 players, you want to play 5V5 and have everyone in the same team, you can set your codes like this:

The average ELO of this group is 1200, so the matchmaker will likely place everyone in the same team against 5 random enemies (as we said earlier, random players’ ELO is 1200).

Example of 3 players using 1195, 1195 and 1210 (average=1200) to play together against 3 random players.
In this screenshot you can also notice how the enemies had a duo, 1203 and 1197 (average=1200). Finally, Temporary AllianScorpion was a random solo queue player, heis a PC player (that’s me!), so since PC version can not track ELO, his ELO was considered to be exactly 1200.

How to make custom teams

Finally, let’s say you want to decide on which team each player goes. You can do so through below 3000 codes.
By example you have 10 people: OnTwitch, UNSTOPPABLE, Legic, sdc, AnalBoss, L0st, f1nal, Homelander, support, n0tail.
And you want the first 5 players in this list to go against the others.

All players in Team A will use code 2933
Players in Team B use the following codes: 2943, 2932, 2931, 2930, 2929.

Or, for 3V3
All players in Team A use code 2984
Players in Team B use codes 2987, 2983 and 2982

The matchmaker will try to give you the most fair match possible. Thus, it will pair you all against each other!

Example (sdc is 2933 without username, if you wonder!)

Note that these were example codes. You can find many more codes below.

ELO spreadsheet, contains a list of useful codes to achieve various results


For soloQ players

You may be thinking that if you use a very high ELO, like 2800_, you will get to play with better players.
However in practice you will stay in queue for a very long time and in the end the matchmaker will throw you alongside the usual 1200 ELO players. Do not bother, use a normal username without Number_.

What about 4.13/1A client players?

As you can imagine, since this system requires you to change your username to set your ELO, so by example if you are playing from PC you can not use this method, because your username is temporary something.

Here is a way to go around it:

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