List of Vainglory communities

Last update: 2022-07-17

Even though some website or discord servers are reported as “active”, do not expect a lot of activity. Due to the current situation of Vainglory there isn’t much activity anywhere. Active communities are… simply more active than most others.

The most active Vainglory servers are EU (Europe), NA (North America), and SEA (Southeast Asia). SEA is the most active, followed by EU and NA.

SEA is most active from 07 to 15 UTC.
EU is most active from 15 to 23 UTC
NA is most active from 23 to 07 UTC

If you want to change region, here is a guide to it:
Note that using the in-game region selector dropdown menu will NOT work.

Active sniping communities

If you are in a different region you can always change it and join whatever community you like!

Communities are listed by level of activity.

EA (East Asia)

QQ group – scan this code:

VG EA Korea –
Note: Kakao Talk is used for general chat while Discord is used for voice chat during games.

EU (Europe)

Everlasting Night –

Vainglory Avengers –

onetrick –

NA (North America)

Everlasting Night –

Snipes NA –
English and Spanish

SA (South America)

There is no active snipe community for SA.

SEA (Southeast Asia)

DLC Lambo

Radio Russak –
Indonesian and English

Divine Bubbleland –

Walaupon noob –

Active socials

To talk about or learn Vainglory!

Everlasting Night –

Vainglory Official –


Did you just came back to Vainglory and want to say hello to your old guild? If it’s not in the lists above maybe you can find the link in our list here.
Link dead means that we can not make a new link to a certain discord server due to permissions. The server still exists though so good luck! Hopefully you will find it.

Note that some servers may be active, but the main topic moved to something else than Vainglory.


Acid –

AceTheChaser –

Armageddon – Server deleted.

Azure Hub –

Balcan THC Family –

Bluer server –

Bruce Society –

Buburito –

Contingents –

Corona Cup –

Cozy Cave –

Crescent Era –

Delusional Adults (previous OH guild) – Link dead

Disillusioned – server deleted, new server here:

Bluer –

DNZio –
Discord server of the youtuber and world champion DNZio

Drawing Dungeon –
Used to be called Vainglory Art

EndlessQueue –

Fortuna –


Iridescent Flames – Link dead

Ixion Gaming –

iLoveKewy (HUGS) –


Hive –


Konoha –

Latveria –

Mercilless Grind –

MiniX – Link dead. They have a new server and moved to other games, you can find it here:

MythicalMyth2 –

NeKomic – Link dead

Nemesis – Link dead

NightCrawl3rS –

Online Champions –

Overpowered Vainglory Tournaments –

Quelinda’s Kingdom –


r/VGleaks –

SAO Gang –

SEMC Hills –

Snipe Saints – Server deleted

Snipey Snipe Time –

Sunergos (SnGO) – Link dead

The Court – Link dead

The Elite Order –

Toothless Support –

Turtle Time –

Unity Core – link dead


Usagi Family –

Vainglorious –

Vainglory: DEdevcord –

Vainglory Draft Series –

Vainglory Eternal Cup Tournament –

Vainglory Feed –

Vainglory Portugal –

Vainglory Snipe –

Your Bane –

YourDoomsday0 –

Websites –

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