Alternating Current and Ishtar’s Ultimate

If you have Alternating Current passive up when you activate Ishtar’s ultimate, alternating current will bug out and the passive will work on every single attack you do, instead of every other basic attack.

Example of Alternating Current passive up (look at Ishtar’s hands):

Be sure to have those pink circles around your hands when you use Ishtar’s ultimate.

A reminder that alternating current also has a weird interaction with heroes who can dish out multiple projectiles in a single attack, which makes the item’s passive trigger once per projectile. We explained it in this other article
This means that during ultimate Ishtar will always get 2 alternating current effects whenever the item passive is up. Alternating current passive effectively deals 100% crystal power rate every other auto attack under these circumstances.

Combined with this bug, you can have a 100% crystal power rate on every single attack out of alternating current passive!


In this video you can see that when I used Ishtar’s ultimate with Alternating Current up, there were 4 damage numbers on screen (ignoring the damage the jungle monster did to me of course, displayed in red)
The 55 are the two projectiles from Ishtar, the 11 are from alternating current passive.
As you can see, alternating current was working on all my basic attacks instead of every other, and because of the other bug with characters who deal multiple projectiles on each attack, I had alternating current’s passive trigger two times per attack.

In the second portion of the video you can notice how when I used ultimate without alternating current up, I was still getting the passive 2 times, but only every other attack.

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