Patch 4.12 5v5 T10B Mid Lane Silvernail CP Coaching Session by vsai12

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Published on 2020/3/5

Patch 4.12

Gameplay at this link:

General Comments About the Game:
-Better CS → 95 at 17:31… not the best, more practice in games; maybe consider buying a weapon blade instead of book since your passive is double atk and weapon blade has +10 compared to book’s +5, you have the CP buff for lifesteal in lane
-Solid tripwires and poison tosses → all good other than maybe considering putting the wires more to the side so you can make a horizontal line instead of the many vertical ones you used in the game
-Nice poke in lane, basically winning the poke game throughout the match; one thing to note is vision control → to win mid properly, vision is important in both of side bushes. The lack of vision allowed the enemy to rotate up and force you to back to base most of the time when you were putting pressure on mid/turret
-Reflex block way too early; earliest I get reflex is usually after 2nd dmg item; most of the time after 3rd
-Reflex block usage throughout the game was… mostly to block damage; you might as well have bought shielding instead

Specific Times (game-specific comments):
1:58 Maybe consider placing 2nd wire towards your bush cam, preventing ardan from easily taking out your cam and maintaining vision control
2:27 Flasked for MP, I don’t really suggest that unless the MP can secure a kill or get out of a bad situation; perhaps better management of MP early game and using tripwire when only necessary
3:08 Interesting placement of A, although it did work out later 300 IQ plays
5:20 Flask for MP again ^ 2:27
6:18 Reflex Block buy… boots on CD, probably a chargers buy would of been better especially with the constant MP need
7:20 poke positioning hmm… you put a cam on bot bush a few seconds ago, usually stick on the side you have a cam in to prevent ganks
8:27 your poison legit screwed up the CSing lol
8:50 probably should of went after fortress as he was low and mispositioned
9:07 ult wasn’t really necessary for only ardan
9:16 a bit more map awareness on cp buff, cam is there for a reason
12:40 bad use of boots here; they weren’t pushing, cath was already there
13:06 if only we had boots lol
15:10 vox disrespecting silvernail dmg :thinking:
15:34 flask would of been enough here, reflex should be last resort if to block dmg
15:43 if only we had reflex block :eyes:
17:02 nice play here, if only rona was there to back it up
17:05 panicked and reflex blocked again, flask and boots first; also this is cp alpha after A and B he won’t be doing dmg for a few seconds, and your captain prob would of popped crucible so your reflex was unnecessary
17:34 a horizontal wire would of been nice here to dance around the alpha
17:40 F

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