Patch 4.12 5v5 T5G Jungler Taka WP Coaching Session by Lorre

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Published on 2020/3/5

Patch 4.12

Gameplay at this link:

1) so better start at the 2 minions rather then the wp buff. i know you started at 4 min xd but its better to start there and take one minion and maybe leave one for the mid laner. i see you bought banner great idea you really need it as a jungler. better take your farm asap so better take wp buff and gold oak together so enemy won’t steal it. also put a cam between your wp buff and your gold oak, this way you wil know when they will invade and can attack according.
2) you had a really good gank on bot and killed the kensei which is goood rotation i also see you looking at the minimap a lot which is really good.
3) good use off your kaiten you dodged the lyra B at 2min xd
4) at 4:18 you ganked kensei and krul really risky move cause you did not know if krul had ult or not and if kensei had flask or not but if you knew that is good
5) At 5:30 you could have pushed lane and take farm, there was not much you could do in mid since they were all near their turret and saw was mid
6) aha see? at 6:30 kensei took bot turret cause saw did not pushed his lane (well saw is really bad but still you gotta carry a game) If you would have pushed a little bit more you could have maybe killed kensei xd
7) i am at 8:52 i would put more pressure on the mid turret you really need that turret destroyed then you can push other lanes
8) why recalling at 10:00? you have the most kills and you got dragon get a infusion and get some kills it will be easy money :slight_smile: your team is at fault here though they took dragon but did not push with it. BUT you did make a mistake i am at 10:45 if your team is not following up the dragon, just push lanes and take a turret you were bot farming at 10:45 whil you could take the top turret or push it atleast this is called split pushing and its vital to being a junlger. you see the minions are a lot deeper within the lane at 10:45?
9) at 12 min why not engage with ult? you could have killed him for sure xd always engage with your ult its easier and does a lot dmg.
10) at 14 min you 1vs1 the kensei bad idea since he is a late game hero, bet just use B and get out xd
11) Don’t 1vs1 a krul you will lose xd
12) teamfight wise you did really good, taka is a early/mid hero so you have a lot more trouble getting kills late game
ok build wise was less cause you bought halcyon wayyyyyy to late just buy it after you bought sorrowblade. you re faster and you get energy its a win win. your build was wrong in this case tbh, poisend shiv is bad on taka since your ult does already mortal wounds so much better to go serpand mask the extra HP you get is really good. why did you went shroud? bad idea much better to go atlas and use it on kensei that item shuts him down for sure. You needed bonesaw for sure man the kensei was the most treat and he had jacket
breaking point is meh cause you only got to 20 stacks each time better to buy other item tbh
yes there are different ways to maintain your 5 ki stacks, always try to gank with 5 stanks you do a lot more dmg if you have 5 ki stacks
There are some tips to maintain your stack:
1) using your B will reset the timer off the stacks
2) hitting a scout cam will also reset it
3) hitting a monster or minion or enemy hero will reset it as wel
4) some pro’s just hit the dragon once to reset it as wel
if you can gank with 5 ki stacks your dmg is pretty good

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