Patch 1B 3V3 Captain Lance Utility Coaching Session by Lorre

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Published on 2020/9/8

Patch: Community Edition 1B (4.13)

The video does not have audio.

Coach: Lorre

General Comments About the Game
More map awareness, and stay to your team. You completely ignore what is happening in your jungle way too often to stay in lane. Check the minimap, and be ready to go in the jungle if there is a good opportunity. And follow more your teammates. You guys need to take a decision together, use pings if needed but do not split so often just to be killed one by one.

Practice on body blocking, it is vital to being a roamer, you are a tank as lance, it is your job to soak up damage. This means stand far before the Samuel so you can body block Alpha’s A so that it does not hit your samuel. Same goes for Caine’s A, do not let Caine hit your teammates with that. Lag makes it hard though.

Learn how to hit your A and B as lance. He is really hard to play, but keep on practising and you will improve 🙂
Impale has a 0.7s delay, it is very easy to dodge. If possible, first stun your enemies with B, then use it. But again I understand it is hard cause you had a lot of lag.
Here is a Lance combos tutorial, I recommend you to watch it:

The lag made you miss so many impales. I recommend to not play Lance in a different region than yours. He has so many skillshots, hard to play with that much lag.

Game-specific comments
00:50 you see the alpha going in your jungle, you should have pinged your jungler so that you two could have killed Alpha. Krul is very strong in melee fights and 1V1. Even if Catherine and Caine followed, your team is far stronger in the early game.
1:24 nice impale!
1:30 Krul and Alpha are fighting, why are you not going? You stay in lane a lot. Remember YOU got the advantage in the jungle so you have to be aggressive and help krul invade. Also, if you see your krul taking the big treant you should go to help him and secure it if you’re not needed in lane.
1:48 you went back to the lane. Why not help them invade the enemy jungle? The lane is really pushed; no way the enemy Caine can take your turret, he lacks the damage to do that.
2:33 You should have used your impale to wall jump. Alpha had already used her A, so likely she would not have been able to follow you.
3:20 you got a really good Fountain congratulations on that. But try to hit them to the wall or turrets with your B.
3:50 It was obvious you guys did not had the damage to kill Alpha. You should have waited and used your skilsl on Alpha the second she came back to life. She was very close to kill your Samuel because both your skills were in cooldown and you could not protect your laner.
4:20 you should have tried to impale Catherine. Had you got her, likely you all could have killer her there. Krul has his ultimate up too, in case she tries to escape.
4:39 Pretty sure you did not even notice Krul and Caine were fighting. Look more frequently at the minimap.
5:24 good job body blocking Caine’s A.
6:00 3rd item ATLAS for sure, the alpha is really ahead, and she got quite a lot kills. Would not recommend rook as you did. Also they are double weapon power so atlas would have been perfect
6:30 wow, the lag was BRUTAL.
7:00 Where is Atlas? Or at least Crucible for Catherine’s C
8:46 Alpha used A right under your turret, you should respond to that by using your B and throw her to the turret so she takes 2 turret shots.
10:30 very nice job, Alpha could not move.
11:50 You protected Samuel, good, but you could have avoided dying with a better build. Also, you should have used War Treads the second Catherine tried to ult you, but maybe you could not do that due to the lag.
13:00 Why are you leaving your team? Stick to your team, they needed you in that team-fight and you were not there.

There is but for now try to focus on what I said 🙂
We will continue in a voice chat session next 😛

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