New party code feature to chose sides

The last update introduced a new feature to party: we can now chose whether to be right or left side.

I’m going to assume that you already know how to party using the standard code system for this post, but if you don’t, you can read more about it here: (this link will be updated to include the informations on this post later on).

This is done by using -1_ (left or ghostwing bot lane side) or -2_ (right or blacklaw bot lane side) in the username.
This works in all modes, 5V5, 3V3, ARAL, blitz.

Let’s say you have 10 players and you want to make custom teams:
With the old system, you would have needed to set teams like this: 2873_, 2862_, 2861_, 2860_, 2859_ vs 2863_

However, thanks to this new feature, it’s much more simple! We can now use a code above 3000 (so anything from 3000 to 9999) and then -1_ or -2 to make teams.




This not limited to full snipes (6 players for 3v3, 10 players for 5v5 modes), it works also in solo/duo/trio/quadra/penta queue!
Let’s say I want to be right/blacklaw bottom lane side in 5V5 solo queue, I can write my username like this:


If you want to duo/trio/quadra/penta queue and chose a side, you just need to add -1_ or -2_ to the usual codes (you can find codes for duo/trio/quadra/penta queue at this link: Team Code Generator – Google Sheets)


Usually just going 1200-1 or 1200-2 for your duo/trio/quadra/penta queue will also work fine and the matchmaker will pair you and your friends in the same team. However, it’s safer to go for the usual “average 1200 party codes” and add the new side codes for good measure!

Known bugs

The previous and current code system may not always work for codes below 3000 (code above 3000 require a full snipe, read for more information).
This is a known issue and currently being worked on alongside all other bugs since the backend update of 4 days ago (wifi notice while in queue, game stuck on loading “…” while trying to queue, skins not being available in certain matches and so on).
To have an easier time sniping, we recommend find a group of 6 or 10 players until codes are fixed. To find more people to play with, feel free to use our list of vainglory communities page:

For non draft modes (like 5V5 casual, ARAL, blitz, 3V3 RANKED below 1600 ELO), if too many players chose the same side, they will all go on that side, however the match will not start and all players will be sent back to the lobby once the countdown ends. It is impossible to play the match.

Example of 9 and 10 players choosing to go left side (thus, using -1_ in the username) in 5V5 causal

What the enemy side looked like in this 5V5 casual, if you wonder:

10 players side 1

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