2022 October Vainglory Update and Bugs

This is a server-side update, you do not need to update your game.

So first off, as to what this update is for, here some messages from Loquori, a SEMC developer:

So, the backend has changed service providers, deployment strategy, language version, server OS version, and extends the API capabilities significantly. These are all necessary to extend the life of the game and to open it up to be able to integrate with community projects. That’s the benefit you are getting for the struggle of dealing with these bugs. I think it’s worth it, and I appreciate your helping me test this. I had hoped that it would not have been this disruptive, but that was probably overly optimistic of me. Thanks for your ongoing patience.


To make this short, while right now there is almost nothing new for us players, this is an important update to (re)build the fundamentals for the future of the game.
Stuff like a true party system, punishment system, even API (read: websites like the now defunct vgpro.gg, vainsocial.com etc. will be able to come back) rely on this update.

We got a new feature, the ability to chose whether to be left (or Ghostwing in bot lane in 5V5) or right (or Blacklaw in bot lane in 5V5) side through codes. More here: https://www.everlastingnight.org/954/new-party-code-feature-to-chose-sides/

Note for PC players:
If you are using an username by queuing at the same time on a mobile device or emulator (more info at https://www.everlastingnight.org/309/how-to-use-usernames-and-skins-at-the-same-time), you can no longer do so. This is not an issue though! Instead, queue first from mobile or emulator, and then open the Windows version once in draft or match loading. Easy!

Finally, this is not directly related to the server update, but just a quick notice: SEMC made freely available the asset packs for content creators to everyone!
You can get it through this form https://forms.gle/gpqMmTCg9ogfrDoy8


Unfortunately the update brought a long set of issues with it, which are currently being worked on by Loquori. It may take a few weeks to fix everything. Be patient, this is worth the wait! After two long years of nothing, the game is finally getting updated

Here is a list of the known bugs and how to deal with them while waiting for a fix from SEMC.

Wifi notice while in queue

Unfortunately the only thing you can do is press retry and queue again and again until you find a match. Generally, the bug happens around 40-59 seconds of queue
Once in draft, you will not encounter this issue again (unless your wifi is seriously not working, of course!).
If the queue is near 40-59 seconds you may receive this notice during match found screen, meaning the match will be declined. So if you see a lot of declines, that’s why. It’s not people trolling.
It’s extremely rare, but you may also get the notice in draft if you enter just a few seconds before 40-59 seconds of queue, but in this case once you press retry you will go back into the draft, so it’s not a big issue at all.

Unable to connect

If you live in Iran, due to Vainglory servers being now hosted on Google Cloud you will not be able to connect to the game unless you use a VPN.

If this is not the case, visit this page as likely your issue is not related to the update: https://www.everlastingnight.org/557/technical-support/

My game crashes in match loading

This seems to be an issue specific with PC players.
If youget an username you will be able to play. To get an username on PC, follow this guide: https://www.everlastingnight.org/309/how-to-use-usernames-and-skins-at-the-same-time/

Snipe codes below 3000 may not always work

We recommend to add a -1 or -2 to the usual codes to increase your chances to snipe.
Unfortunately codes don’t seem to work as well as they used to for non full snipe (aka, 3000 codes).
For more info on the new -1 or -2 codes read here https://www.everlastingnight.org/954/new-party-code-feature-to-chose-sides/
If you are new to sniping, read here: https://www.everlastingnight.org/73/how-to-party/

I can not select skins

You may be able to use them in some matches, and you won’t in others.
For some people, it seems that they are never able to use skins other than when they reinstall, and even so it’s just for a few games.

The game does not automatically go back in queue if someone declines

It has low priority compared to some other bugs, so it will take some time before it’s fixed.

In ARAL both teams can have the same hero

It has low priority compared to some other bugs, so it will take some time before it’s fixed.

There are more/less heroes on my team than there should be

This can happen if multiple players are using -1 or -2 and playing a non draft game mode (5V5 Casual, ARAL or blitz). Note that you can’t actually enter the match, everybody will be brought back to the lobby once the countdown ends. More info on the new codes here: https://www.everlastingnight.org/954/new-party-code-feature-to-chose-sides/

The drop-down menu to change server/region does not work

Known issue, this has been the case for years before this update, but I’m reporting here since I saw many players coming back to the game and asking what’s up with that.

if you want to change server, read our guide: https://www.everlastingnight.org/463/how-to-change-region/

Fixed bugs

Finally, some more bugs you may have encountered in the past days that have already been fixed:

When you try to queue for a game mode the game is stuck in loading […].
Matches will not start in NA and SEA servers even if all players accept.
Everybody’s region shows up as North America or Southeast Asia.
The ping indicator in the menu reports wrong values.
All SEA players would receive a “logout session” notice upon opening the game that would stop them from play.

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