We’re trying to build a free Vainglory coaching community, anyone is welcomed. It’s not necessary to be a guild member to become a coach or a student.
You can NOT advertise paid coaching. Report via DM to our moderators if anyone offers you paid coaching sessions.

Discord server:

We published a few lessons to our students in the blog, you can find them here:


A coach will answer your questions and watch your games, identify any problem in your gameplay and suggest you how to fix it. This usually happens via message or voice chat, it’s up to the student and coach.

Coaching is often done through an analysis of your gameplay. Record/stream your games and link them to your coach. If you need help recording/streaming your games, read this guide.
A coach might prepare for you a lesson after he identified a major problem in your gameplay. This might be either in text or voice form (depends by the coach and student).


Requirements for coaching

Minimum Skill Tier this or previous season: 8 Bronze
Language: Must be able to speak English.

Usually you’ll be assigned a student, or you can do a “one lesson thing” to someone in need of advice, without taking him as student.
Have a student means you’ll watch his progresses on the long-term, and will provide advice for his development. Possibly, prepare lessons and decide when teach him certain (more advanced) things.

We have private channels for coaches, so you can ask there for advices or effective teaching methods. Don’t be afraid to start! The other coaches will help you with it.
All coaches start as “in-trial” and will be followed by approved coaches during their first lessons. Once you’re ready, you’ll officially be a coach!

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